Worship through singing at Truth Church

[Kelley writing] One of my favorite parts of the week is Sunday morning, particularly the time of singing and worship at our church. For those of you that may not know, our church is quite large and is located directly across the street from the largest, and most renowed, univeristy in all of Taiwan- the National Taiwan Univeristy. Truth Church was founded in the 1950’s by American missionaries and has continued to grow ever since. Worshipping together with brothers and sisters from another culture is a most touching experience! I feel like it’s a true picture of what Heaven will be like. One reason I love singing and worshipping together is because of how genuinely the Taiwanese Christians worship the Lord. Again, I have never seen anything like it. Many have come from Buddhist backgrounds and have sacrificed relationships, family support, social standing etc… in becoming a believer, so you know that the words they sing are direct prayers and praise to God- not a show.

The Lord has used our church and our fellow brothers and sisters to encourage me, challenge me, and grow me in ways I previously never was. What a joy to be a part of God’s Kingdom work in Taiwan!

Watch the video below for a taste of what worship looks like at Truth Church. The song “I am Strengthened in Him” is one of my very favorites and such a good reminder that all of our hope lies in Jesus Christ. We are not of this world- we belong to the King! Amen!

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  1. Meine Lieben, Erich und     Kelley!

      just liste3ned to Your inspireing song in Teiwaneece,

    it was soo beautiful and inspiring,Thank You sooo very much and the Lord  bless You dear Kids! At the present time I am here by Heidi und Steve and te kids. Steve came and picked me up by Karl and Jill on last Friday morning.the same day at 6PM we left to drive back to Pennsylvannia where Heidi und Steve and vKids live.We arrived there about 2:OO PM very tierd, but happy to see Heidi and the kids. I am having a        wonderful time with them.You dear Kids and Your ministry are in my prayers,  the lord Bless You and Your  service for JESUS, I send You ALL my Love, EUERE  Oms


  2. Hi Omi! Great to hear from you – thanks for leaving a comment on our blog 😀 We’re so glad you made it to PA safely. Thanks to Uncle Steve for driving! We love all of you – let’s plan to Skype sometime SOON!


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