A wonderful ALPHA weekend!

Last weekend on a sunny Saturday morning at 7:30a.m. over 100 people of various nationalities (Taiwanese, American, British, Hong Kong, Indonesian, Korean) gathered together for our annual ALPHA weekend. The ALPHA weekend happens between weeks 7-8 of the ALPHA season and is always a highlight of the entire season, not only for the Seekers, but for the co-workers as well. This year we headed about 1 1/2 hours west for two days of fun, relationship building, and learning more about the Holy Spirit and the unconditional love of Jesus.

Sunday morning is a time for testimony sharing, and again is always a sweet time. This year numerous people gave testimony of how during the last few weeks of ALPHA and during the ALPHA weekend God has been doing something in their lives- some have begun praying for the first time, others have begun reading the Bible, while others have made right wrongs in relationships and sought forgiveness and restoration.  One man who gave testimony on Sunday ended his sharing by saying (in Chinese, of course) “I have decided I want to become of part of Truth Church!” Wow, praise and thanks to God for His marvelous work in the lives of those who invite and seek after Him.

We thank you all for praying for our Bilingual ALPHA course- we couldn’t do what we do without your faithful prayers! Below are some pictures taken over the weekend- enjoy 🙂

Erich's ALPHA group- great group of men!

Erich’s ALPHA group- great group of men!

Kelley's ALPHA group- fun times!

Kelley’s ALPHA group- fun times!


Western co-workers enjoying the game!

Western co-workers enjoying the game!
Translation in Action!

Translation in Action!

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  1. Hey you two! I started tearing up when I read this report…praise be to God!!! How beautiful – the Holy Spirit just blows me away consistently…and how incredible that He invites us in to His work on earth…!!! 

    I love you guys and what you’re doing! May the Lord continue to guide and bless you!


  2. Hi Sis! Thanks for your comment. Isn’t it neat what the Lord is doing around the world, and also in our own communities? It’s truly the Spirit’s renewing work! Thanks for your prayers!

      E & K 

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