What is Hot Pot exactly??


After our last email update which mentioned us eating a favorite Taiwanese dish called Hot Pot, several people wrote us back inquiring just what exactly Hot Pot is anyways. Some were asking if it includes fish, others asking if it includes meat, and others asking if it includes noodles. Well, the answer to all three is- yes. That is if you choose to put it in. Hot Pot is a great dish because it is up to the consumer to put in whatever they fancy. You normally have several plates of prepared vegetables including: cabbage, brocoli, sweet potato, tofu, tomatoes, bamboo, leafy green vegetables, mushrooms, and corn among others. Then there are also plates that include:  fish balls, taro, dumplings, clams, noodles, and fish eggs. Lastly, you will have your meat including- beef, chicken, lamb, pork, shrimp, and fish. To make Hot Pot you boil a broth of your choosing (we like seafood flavored and tomato flavored a lot!) and then once it is boiling you begin adding whatever you’d like to eat and let it all boil and simmer together. But, perhaps the best part of eating Hot Pot is the sauce. We love the sauce you dip all your food into. Ours usually includes a combination of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onions, and a special Chinese paste. 

Hot Pot is a wonderful meal to eat with friends, as you can leisurely cook your food and talk at the same time. Usually a hot pot meals takes around 2 hours to eat. Here are some of our favorite Hot Pot pictures- enjoy!!

Hot Pot Pictures
Fish and Shrimp ready to boil! Kelley, with friend Regina, at Hot Pot Picture from 2 years ago- Hot Pot with friends!

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