This Week: TEAM Retreat and 3E Classroom

It’s hard to believe that November is almost over! While it is snowing in parts of the States, we were still in short sleeves just a few days ago! From Wednesday to Friday of this week we will be attending a TEAM conference in Taichung, the third largest city in Taiwan, located in the middle of the island. We are looking forward to a time of getting to know the other TEAM missionaries, and getting a break from our Chinese classes!

This coming Saturday is the second-to-last of our 3E Classroom meetings for this season. Erich will be speaking on “Good Investments”, and teaching on the Bible story of storing up treasures in heaven, from Luke 12.

PRAY for a good time of fellowship and refreshment with our TEAM colleagues.

PRAY that our 3E Classroom season comes to a fruitful end, as more Seekers trust in Christ for their salvation.

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  1. Hi my dear Erich and Kelley! It’s a quiet morning in our house as Steve has taken Josiah for an outreach training seminar since Josh McDowell comes to a youth Center next week. Daniel and JanE have their eyes glued to Saturday morning cartoons in the family room. I’m glad we’re not skyping since I’m having a r e a l l y bad hair day! Christmas music plays on the radio in the kitchen. The first Sunday in Advent is tomorrow. I’m truly not ready for Christmas to begin but it comes whether we’re ready or not.

    I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading through the blog this morning. Thanks for posting and the photos are GREAT. It allows us to get a glimps into your world. The 3E seems to be an effective tool in Taiwan. I guess everyone everywhere wants to love and be loved in secure relationships. The heart is yearning for acceptance and peace.

    Kelley, your parents’ Christmas letter arrrived as the first of the season. Do they have an email address? We’re trying to send most of our letters cyberly this year. We’re looking forward to Moni’s arrival in three weeks. She’ll be the highlight of our PA Christmas. We have been thinking of our Thanksgiving last year as we were all in Honey Brook for the weekend together. What a sweet time that was!

    Love and blessings, your t. heidi elise for the fam XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  2. Forgot to congratulate you on passing your exam with flying colors! We’re proud of you both. Thanks for working diligently! love you! heb

  3. Thanks, Tante Heid, for the comments! We’re glad you had some time to read and catch up on our life here, and also see some pictures. We do our best to update at least weekly.
    My parents email address is:
    Hope the Boyer 5 are all doing well!
    We love you~

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