Visiting Erich's family in Germany

Hi Everyone,

If you’re like us, you entered the New Year full of gratitude to our Lord for His faithfulness and abundant blessings in 2009. One of the things we are most thankful for are our families. Since we live far away from our parents and siblings most of the time, it’s extra special to get to see them when we can! Here are a few pictures of our time in Germany (in the small town of Sprockhoevel, to be exact :-), visiting with Erich’s side of the family.

Taking a walk in the snow

Here you can see us taking a walk in the snowy woods nearby the town that Diet and Jan live in. We had a great time of talking and laughing, and returned home after an hour – freezing cold! At home we made a fire in the fireplace.

Snowy Germany
This picture shows the snow-covered fields outside of Sprockhoevel. The fields are used for farming in the summertime, or as pastures to graze horses on. The large amount of snow we got this Winter is unusual, even for this more northern part of Germany.
A typical German breakfast

Here you can see the food we are enjoying each day. The rolls are called “Broetchen” (literally: little breads), and come in a variety of kinds. What’s not in the picture is the jam and Nutella 🙂

We will be in Germany until January 18, when we return to Taipei for continued Chinese language school and ministry.

Hope you all are doing well and continue to experience our Lord’s nearness in 2010!

Love in Christ,
Erich and Kelley

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