The Unexpected

**UPDATE: Our lunch together with the JW’s went very well. We enjoyed getting to know them a bit and our time never lacked in good conversation. We asked them many questions about their faith, and were able to share some of our background with them as well. After about 1 1/2 hours we had to part ways, but agreed it would be good to meet together again for further discussion. It turns out that two of them (a young married couple) live just down the street from us, actually in the same apartment building as our Pastor! We’ll keep you posted on what happens next. Thanks for praying for us!**

Sometimes God gives us ministry opportunities when we least expect it. On Saturday morning, shortly before we were leaving for church, the buzzer in our apartment went off meaning that someone was outside our apartment building wanting to talk to us. So I, Kelley, went down and there were two white faces, an unusual site, standing outside the door. They asked if I was Erich’s wife and, after I said yes, they said that they were Jehovah Witnesses who had come to our place a few weeks earlier and had talked with Erich. I went and got Erich and then as the four of us were talking, a Taiwanese man who lives on the 4th floor of our building came down to see his father, who lives on the 1st floor. He started talking with us and asked who the two other women were, as he already had talked to Erich and I on several occasions. They introduced themselves and then within seconds the man directly asked them, “What is the difference between what you believe and what they (Erich and I) believe. The one woman answered him with “We don’t believe in the Trinity” and that was about it. But, to make a long story short, we kept talking with the man and before the man had to leave we had an opportunity to invite him to church with us the next day and he accepted! So, while the JW’s were making there rounds trying to “convert people” the Lord saw fit to bring our neighbor out and gave us a chance to invite him to church- how neat!

As far as the JW’s….we’re having lunch together tomorrow, as we want to hear how they became JW’s, what their beliefs are etc. Pray that God will give us wisdom and that this may be the beginning of the Lord doing something great in these women’s lives. Also, you can pray for our neighbor, whose English name is Vincent. He said that he used to go to our church before his son was born (his son is now 10), but that now he is usually too busy. Pray the Lord will use us to be a good testimony to him and his family!

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  1. Hey E&K!

    That’s just amazing! God just blows my mind…!! Been praying for you guys – will pray extra hard for these new meetings! Will Vincent join you in church on Sunday?

    How neat and invigorating! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


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