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Dear Friends,

As you probably have noticed, there’s a new sidebar on the righthand side of this blog. We’ve registered the @reachtaiwan Twitter account, and will be experimenting with this form of updating. Some of the benefits we see are: providing our readers live updates from anywhere using our cell phones, sharing pictures from our current location in Taiwan, and engaging whichever of you are already Twitter users in more immediate and personal conversation.

We’ll be testing this feature for a few weeks, and see how useful it is, and if we should keep it on our blog. In the meantime, here are some things you can help us with: if you’re already a Twitter user, you can follow @reachtaiwan directly. Please also feel free to send us a tweet, and we’ll get back to you.
If you’re not a Twitter user, don’t worry. Since Twitter is an open platform, you can read any of our conversations with other Twitter users directly in our blog’s sidebar, or on

We hope you enjoy this new communication tool!

  Erich and Kelley 

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