Trip to the Mountain

Last Sunday after church we, along with approximately 15 other friends from church and 3E, headed to northern Taipei to a mountain called Yang Ming Shan. We first rode the subway and then transferred to a small bus that took us up many winding roads to the top of the mountain. Our first stop was a small, quaint restaurant to eat lunch. Because the weather was rainy and windy on the mountain we sat at the restaurant for almost 3 hrs. It was a wonderful time to be with friends, relax, and eat good food.

From there, we headed to a field where you could pick Calla Lilies. Each Calla Lily was 10NT or 30 cents USD. Erich picked 5 beautiful ones and we’ve been enjoying their beauty in our apartment the last few days.

Before heading back to Taipei a friend said she was hungry for sweet potato soup, so we all went to a restaurant and order many bowls of hot sweet potato soup. It was quite good and a perfect ending to our time on the mountain.

Here are some pictures from our day: Lunch Friends at LunchEating Sweet Potato Soup

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  1. Hello my friends or should I say, mountaineers…ererer…,

    Love the pics – can’t wait to eat some food that looks nothing like it did when it was alive when Luffi and I come to visit…

    MISS YOU!!!

    The friend

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