The Monthly Rhythm in our Missional Community

We wanted to share some more details on the life of our new Missional Community. Basically we follow the model laid out by missional leader Hugh Halter in his excellent book, The Tangible Kingdom. Here’s what our group’s missional rhythm looks like each month:

Week 1: Communion – Cell group, focused on the needs of our not-yet-Christian friends)

Week 2: Community – A party, such as cooking together, going bowling, singing Karaoke, etc… This is an excellent environment to get to know each other’s unchurched friends)

Week 3: Communion – Every month has 2 cell group style meetings. They’re always in a home or public place, and should definitely involve eating together! That’s a tradition passed on straight from the Master Himself!)

Week 4: Service – The group serves the local community through practical ways. This might mean de-trashing a park, cleaning an orphanage, or visiting a shut-in.

Last Saturday was our “Community” day, on which we want bowling together. It was a great time for our team to form deeper relationships with each other, and welcome some some unchurched friends. Check out the happy crowd below 🙂


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