Thankfulness #41-50

We apologize for the silence on the blogging during the recent weeks. Most of our time has been occupied by a precious baby boy, whom we are enjoying very, very much. But, as he is currently taking an afternoon nap on Grandma’s lap, we thought we’d use this time to write a post. It’s been awhile since we’ve done one on ‘Thankfulness”, so here it goes:

Cindy with Kel and Max#41. Friends. With our little guy having arrived two weeks early, our friends here have come together to provide meals and help on quite short notice. They go above and beyond in wanting to serve us. They are truly gifts from God.

#42. Answers to prayer. Just this week the Lord has provided financially towards our Home Assignment travel expenses later this year, as well as a car to use while we are Stateside. Praise God for His provision.

#43. Neighbors. Since moving into this neighborhood a little over half a year ago, we’ve been getting to know the people that live around us. It’s been fun introducing them to our little guy and deepening relationships with them.

Grandma with Max#44. Family. We are so thankful that Connie, Kelley’s mom, is able to be here with us for 3 weeks. She’s been a tremendous help around the apartment cooking and cleaning, and it’s been fun watching her interact with her newest grandson. We are just as thankful for all our family scattered around the globe who have sent cards, gifts, and taken time to Skype with Max. We are blessed.

#45. Great medical care. We had a terrific experience giving birth at a local hospital here in Taipei. The nurses were all very helpful and friendly, the environment was clean and calming, and our doctor was fantastic. And, due to being covered by National Health Care, it was all very affordable.

#46. Exciting ministry.  Our house church plant project is going very well. We’ve been meeting regularly for over a month now, and have one stable non-Christian, Joanne, that meets with us.

#47. Vegetable market. Not too far away from our apartment is a great vegetable market. We frequent it weekly, buying a wide assortment of fresh veggies each time. The ladies that work there are very friendly and are always able to talk us into buying something else we “need.” Haha.

#48. Parks. Three bus stops away from our apartment is a big park called Youth Park. We enjoyed an outing there last week and, with the weather getting nicer, we look forward to spending more time there in the days to come.

#49. New opportunities. Last Saturday morning Erich had the opportunity to hand out over 100 lunch boxes to homeless men and women around the largest temple in Taipei, not far from our home. It was exciting for him to be able and bless them this way, and we hope to have similar chances in the future.

Max#50. Max Thomas. It goes without saying, we are completely in love with our new little bundle. He’s been great baby so far- very chilled out and easy-going and loves to cuddle!

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