Thankfulness #21-#30

Things we are grateful for #21-#30

21. Our new apartment. We recently moved into a new apartment, which was clearly God’s provision for us. Although it’s older and the decor has a 70’s feel to it, it’s perfect for us and already feels like home!

22. Healings. We attend a prayer meeting on Wednesdays morning to pray specifically for health needs. We’ve seen God bring healing to many, not only physically but spritually as well. What a mighty God we serve!

23. Conferences. Erich recently attended two conferences, one on church planting and and one on working class ministries. Both were eye-opening and energizing for him, giving him new ideas for future service!

24. Baking. Kelley gets to use her love for baking each week as she goes to a local shelter, and through teaching the women baking lessons, has opportunities to build relationships with them. 

25. New adventures. We recently became approved foster parents by the local orphanage Kelley serves at each week. We kept a little guy 3 nights last week, and loved being able to love on him!

26. Vegeatrian buffets. We live close to a great little vegeatarain buffet where we can get a filling and healthy meal for just $2. 

27. Fresh fruit trucks. About a 2 minute walk from our apartment is a truck that sells fresh pineapples, guavas, and watermelons each day. So delicious!

28. Mosquito nets. The mosquitos are ruthless here, especially now that the weather is getting hot. We are so thankful for our net that covers our bed and protects us while we sleep.

29. Technology. Being so far away from friends and family can be hard at times. Lately we’ve been particurlarly thanfkul for technology that allows us to receive pictures and videos of our nieces and nephews back in Pennsylvania! 

30. Date night. Wednesday nights are our nights. We go out to dinner just the two of us, turn our phones on silent, talk, and just be together. It’s so needed and so good. Thankful today is Wednesday 😀

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