A Taiwanese Taboo

Taiwan is a land full of superstitions. Some are heard often and are common knowledge, others you don’t find out about until a certain situation arises. The most recent one had to do with moving apartments and being pregnant. In Taiwanese culture moving house while pregnant is a major taboo. As we were recently apartment hunting we’d casually mention to the landlord/landlady that we were expecting a baby next Spring and you could immediately see the concern in their eyes- “You’re pregnant? And, you’re looking to move now?” Even friends (who are not believers) shared that a Taiwanese woman wouldn’t move while pregnant as it is thought to disrupt the ‘home’ the baby is in and will cause complications to the pregnancy. One concerned landlord, after realizing we had no choice but to move at this time replied, “Well, at least on moving day you (Kelley) need to be out the apartment to avoid seeing any boxes being moved.”

As we hear these superstitions, our immediate reaction may be to laugh or just dismiss it, but really it should be a reminder of just how deep seated superstitions are here and how we are living among a people bound by fear. The Taiwanese people desperately need to know the freedom and joy a relationship with Christ brings. May we use every opportunity, even moving while being pregnant, to share the Good News with them.

And, just for the record. I did help pack boxes, I saw boxes being lifted, and the little one is doing just great 🙂

Just in case you’re interested, here’s a link listing out some other Chinese Pregnancy Traditions and Taboos.

Lastly, here are two pictures that go along with this post. One of the new apartment and one of Kel 15 1/2 weeks pregnant- enjoy!

Erich in the new apartment


Kelley 15 weeks pregnant