What Exactly do we Eat Here?


One of the many things we love about Taiwan is its culinary delights. Taiwan has a rich food culture, influenced by various provinces in China and also other surrounding Asian countries, which makes eating a bountiful adventure. We are often asked by family and friends what our diet looks like. Other than our staple, white rice, we enjoy a great variety of food. We thought it’d be fun to give you a picture introduction into meals we have recently consumed. Enjoy!


This is a typical Taiwanese breakfast- soupy rice and a spread of condiments that you add into the rice. Condiments range from egg to vinegar-soaked cucumbers to shredded pork, to different kinds of cold tofu. 


The foods in this picture are some of our favorites. A spicy chicken dish from the Sichuan region of China, fried egg and tomato, and fried squid rings. 


This was a dinner prepared by a woman in Kelley’s Chinese cell group. Check out the delicious looking fish!


This was a restaurant that had a grill on your table, so you could order all the meat, vegetables, and seafood you wanted to grill yourself. So tasty!


And, what do you think these little blurry creatures are? Yes, they are baby octopuses….heads and all. 🙂