Taipei now has 10+ Percent Christians!






Dear Praying Friends,

Truth Church’s head pastor, Pastor Yang, just finished attending Taiwan-wide church leadership meetings, which have produced the following ambitious goals: 

By 2015 the Taiwan Church prayerfully commits to…

…raise the rate of Christians to 15% Taiwan-wide*

…send out 1,500 missionaries

…establish 1,500 church-to-church prayer networks

…raise birth and marriage rates island-wide

…lower abortion and divorce rates island-wide

What’s even more amazing is that these goals were formed across denominational lines. No longer do Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Independent, or other denominational distinctives divide the Church – the Taiwanese church is unified and carrying the Blessing to Abraham to the whole of the island and beyond!

How neat that we can be a part of this revival, and thanks for partnering with us and the Taiwanese church in prayerfully reaching these goals by 2015!

Erich and Kelley 

* The current percentage of Christians in Taiwan is just around 5% – Revival is truly happening, and the country is turning to Christ!


Revival is Coming


For the past few months we have been praying a lot for Revival in Taiwan. Although we have no idea when the Lord will pour out His Spirit upon Taiwan, we do see glimpses of Revival coming. Here are a few:

  • At a public, secular, Christmas program performed in the National Theater, we watched in amazement as the audience was led in singing “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”, and “Joy to the World” (in English, but with Chinese subtitles), whose lyrics clearly proclaim the Gospel message.
    If even non-believers are proclaiming God’s truth, then revival can not be so far off! 
  • Our Chinese teacher, who is a devout Buddhist woman, recently told us a story of a Christian friend who felt compelled by our God to start a center to provide care for comatose patients. The friend had no money, but heard God telling him how to begin during his prayer time. This made a big impression on our teacher, who said she was “hao gan dong” (very moved or touched).
    When Christians become known for the good they do in society, then we figure revival must be on its way! 
  • Truth Church’s Sunday evening service is specifically geared toward the youth. Each week hundreds of Taiwanese youth, many of whom are not believers yet, come together to celebrate our Lord and pray for each other’s needs.
    When the Gospel takes hold of the youth of a nation in this powerful way, then revival must be coming soon! 
  • During our recent home assignment last November we visited a Taiwanese church in Chicago. There we learned of the church’s youth group going to the local mall each Friday night to pray for people. We were completely amazed to hear that the most fearless prayer warriors were a few teenage girls, who would walk up to complete strangers, and with a smile, offer to pray for them on the spot.
    If more of our churches were led by the Spirit in this way, might not revival come to America as well?

Pastor Moses is right: Revival is coming! Please pray for more harvesters to join our ripe fields. If the Lord is leading you or someone you know to join us here in Taiwan, we would recommend you read through this website’s content, and also check out, our recruitment website.