Missionary Multiplication

A week ago Sunday was a very special day. On that day we celebrated as our good friend, Chloe, was prayed over and commissioned to the mission field as part of a team going to Sichuan, China for one year for missionary work.  Why was this an extra special event for us? Because during our time in Taiwan the Lord has brought Chloe “full-circle”. By “full-circle” I mean that a little over 3 years when I met Chloe she was a non-believer who came into the church simply to improve her English at our 3E Ministry. She and I began meeting weekly together as I offered to help her learn English. Our time together led to conversations about deeper, spiritual matters and Chloe’s reasons for coming to church started to change.

In the Fall of 2008 she joined our then newly restructured 3E class, which focused more heavily on preaching the Gospel. During that season the Holy Spirit moved greatly in her life she gave her heart to Jesus. In early February of 2009 she was baptized.  Throughout last year she became very active in a Chinese cell group and also served as a co-worker for our English outreach. During the Fall of 2009 she started thinking and praying about going to the Chinese Mainland for a year of missionary service. After counseling and prayer, she was approved by our church and trained to go. In less than three weeks she’ll depart for China as a missionary herself. God is so good. To Him be all the Glory!


This post was written by Kelley

**Chloe is the one in the middle, wearing the green colored jacket**


Chloe's commissioning service