Liang Sheng meets the Holy Spirit

Dear Friends,

Erich here 🙂 I just wanted to let you know what the Lord is doing in the life of Liang Sheng, the cook from Taipei County I’m leading through the New Life Book (Truth Church’s pre-baptism materials).

Erich and Liang Sheng

Erich and Liang Sheng

Last time I introduced him to the person and work of the Holy Spirit, in particular what it means that the Holy Spirit is our Counselor. While discussing different aspects of this, his face suddenly lit up, and he shared with me how he felt the Lord giving him a deep sense of peace and direction about a certain decision he had been facing. Then he asked: “Is this what the Holy Spirit does?”

How incredible to see the Spirit already working in Liang Sheng’s life even before he even learned about His existence!

Please keep praying for my friend to continue experiencing the Lord’s presence in similar practical ways!