First-World Problems

Early this week I watched a YouTube video my friend posted called “100 First World Problems”. As the title suggests, this video names 100 of the most common ‘problems’ experienced by people living in first world countries. As I watched it, I found it eye-opening and disheartening at the same time. Eye-opening in the sense of just how fortunate I am thatĀ these are theĀ kinds of problems I have, and disheartening to think just how often we live in our little bubbles and become consumed in our ‘problems’, when in comparison to a large majority of our world, they aren’t problems at all.

After watching this video, every time myself, Erich, Niall, or Hannah (our housemates) complained about something, one of us would say “first world problem” and we’d regain a proper perspective on the situation. Well, I definitely think God has a sense of humor as we are in the process of learning things. Two days ago, as I was wrapping up a session at a shelter for teenage girls, my iPhone dropped out of my bag and onto the floor smashing the screen (here I might inject that this is the 2nd time this has happened to me). As I stared at it lying on the ground my immediate thought was, “Again?! You’ve got to be kidding me. I have the worst luck.” But, no more than 2 minutes past until I heard a little voice inside my head saying “first world problem”. Here I was, at a shelter for teenage girls who have suffered lives of abuse, abandonment, pain, and hurt, and I’m upset about my iPhone breaking. Unfortunate? Yes. A problem? I don’t think so.