3E Ministry Blog Updated: Zhong Yong He English Outreach

Dear Friends,

As you probably know, our English co-worker team at Truth Church maintains a ministry blog about the ministries performed by foreigners at Truth Church here: www.crossing7.com/taiwan.

Our English ministry team has just updated this blog with a post about our recent 3E Classroom Outreach in a Truth daughter church. Here is the beginning:

This Spring the Western community at Taipei Truth Church helped a daughter church, Taipei Zhong Yong He Truth Church, to launch their first bilingual outreach! We are…

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Many thanks for upholding us in prayer!

Erich and Kelley


ALPHA Week 10 Game and Song HD Video

Dear Friends,

We wanted to share some impressions from ALPHA Week 10 with everyone. The first video shows part of a lively game that the ALPHA groups played. The game started with all 10 groups, after which groups that responded too slowly were eliminated. So you’re seeing the final competition between the best groups. Notice our foreigners John, Caty, Kalan, and Joe participating, although they might have no idea what’s going on 😀

Both videos are in High Definition quality, so you might need to let them load for a little while before playing, depending on your internet speed. But then you can play them on “full screen” mode!

This video shows a song that one of the ALPHA groups was leading. About half of the girls on stage are not yet Christians, and it’s neat to see them involved in this way!

Thanks for continuing to pray as the regular ALPHA season ends. From what we can tell, most groups will continue meeting as regular church cell groups even after the season is over!

Erich and Kelley

Video of Aug 20 Transition Art Market Pre-ALPHA Event

Dear Friends,

Our last major Pre-ALPHA event occurred just yesterday. It involved several outdoor mini-concert by the band Transition (whose members attend our cell groups), along with an Art Market featuring hand-made jewelry, photographs and postcards for sale, as well as lots of hand-baked cookies made by our 2 international cell groups. Our Zone* at Truth Church had especially been praying for fair weather that afternoon, as it often rains here during the day this time of year. The Lord responded graciously by giving us a wonderfully clear sky, along with some some cloud cover to protect us from direct sunlight! Beyond this, He brought lots of passers-by to stop, listen to the great music, and chat with the Christians present. As a result of these encounters, over 25 Taiwanese people signed up for our upcoming Bilingual ALPHA Course on the spot, and we heard lots of people sharing about ALPHA with new friends.

Below is a short video to bring the event nearer to you. May we all catch the ALPHA Spirit, which is the generous Spirit of Jesus, inviting all of us to know the Father more!

Many thanks for standing behind all of us in prayer as we prepare for the upcoming ALPHA Course!

For, as 20th century pastor S.D. Gordon put it so rightly,

“Prayer is the real work of the ministry.
Service is just gathering in the results of prayer.”

* What do we mean by “Truth Church Zone”? Well, we happen to attend an unusually large church by Taiwanese church standards. Over 2,500 Taiwanese people attend 4 weekend services at Taipei Truth Church. Because of the size, the church is sub-divided into 10 Zones, each one headed up by a Zone Pastor and Pastor’s Wife – in our case, Pastor Moses and Joyce. About 200 people call our Zone ‘home’, including the 20-ish Foreigners (mostly British and American) that attend Truth Church. We love our Zone because the smaller group allows us to get to know our Taiwanese Sisters and Brothers more closely. These dear friends have over the years become our family, and a home away from home.


2009_07_11 Yong He Bible Club

Dear Friends,

The last two weeks were more busy than usual for us, since we were teaching an English Bible Club to unchurched junior high-school students in a small TEAM church in a nearby suburb of Taipei. Our topic was “Making a Difference”, based on the biblical story of Esther. We had a lot of fun getting to know the kids, practicing English with them, playing games, singing, rehearsing a drama, and just hanging out.

One of the goals of this camp is to invite the kids’ parents to watch a performance on the final day of camp, and get to know Christians in the church. The following video shows part of that performance – enjoy!

Please pray for Fabiana and Liz, two 13-year old girls who are willing to accept Christ, but are facing opposition from their parents.