Taipei now has 10+ Percent Christians!






Dear Praying Friends,

Truth Church’s head pastor, Pastor Yang, just finished attending Taiwan-wide church leadership meetings, which have produced the following ambitious goals: 

By 2015 the Taiwan Church prayerfully commits to…

…raise the rate of Christians to 15% Taiwan-wide*

…send out 1,500 missionaries

…establish 1,500 church-to-church prayer networks

…raise birth and marriage rates island-wide

…lower abortion and divorce rates island-wide

What’s even more amazing is that these goals were formed across denominational lines. No longer do Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Independent, or other denominational distinctives divide the Church – the Taiwanese church is unified and carrying the Blessing to Abraham to the whole of the island and beyond!

How neat that we can be a part of this revival, and thanks for partnering with us and the Taiwanese church in prayerfully reaching these goals by 2015!

Erich and Kelley 

* The current percentage of Christians in Taiwan is just around 5% – Revival is truly happening, and the country is turning to Christ!