HD Video Post: Chinese New Year Celebrations

Dear Friends,

For Chinese New Year this year we got invited to our friend Robin’s family. We met up with him and then drove to his grandma’s apartment on the north side of Taipei (close to the National Palace Museum, if you’ve ever been there :). Robin’s whole family is Christian, which is very unusual for Taiwanese families. We celebrated the new year with a big feast, prepared by his grandma and aunties. After dinner we played Mahjong and watched TV until we left for home after midnight.

The whole night was marked by God’s love and Christian family harmony. Please pray with us for more Taiwanese families to know our God, who is the truest source of all family peace! The video below shows a neat part of Taiwanese family tradition, in which the children bless their elders, and then receive red envelopes stuffed with money in return! Even us guests received several red envelopes – how kind!

The video is in High Definition quality, so you might need to let them load for a little while before playing, depending on your internet speed. But then you can play them on “full screen” mode!

Erich and Kelley


2010 Chinese New Year Celebrations

Hi Friends,

Below is a video of a Taiwanese family we spent the Chinese New Year’s Eve with. We had a great time eating, talking, laughing, playing games, and lighting fireworks together. Most of the video is of their second-youngest child dancing 🙂

In the background of the video you will notice a large decorated shelf. This is the family shrine that is used to display the pictures of family ancestors. It is the center of family worship and an important part of every Buddhist home.

Please pray for the love of Christ to penetrate into the many Taiwanese families who adhere to this kind of traditional folk Buddhism.

– E & K