Summer is Here

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when you find yourself continually covered in sweat, from when you just step out of the shower to riding your bike to school, the time for eating fresh mangos and all the delicious desserts made from mangos, the time to take day trips with friends to the beach and waterpark, the time to make sure there is no trace of food left in your apartment at the end of the day because of the knowledge that if left there overnight, you will mostly likely have cockroaches in the morning, the time when everyone seems a bit more relaxed, happy, and laid back- it’s summertime! A favorite time of year for us in Taiwan 🙂

So, what does our summer look like this year? Well, the summer months mark the last stretch in our 2+ years of formal Chinese language classes (a huge milestone for us! wohoo!). In addition to studying, this summer will find us holding and caring for babies at a local orphanage, helping to lead several different pre-ALPHA activities in preparation for the fall kick-off in September (activities include everything from going to a sister in the church’s home for movie watching/sharing, to day outings to nearby tea farms, to attending concerts and outdoor markets), leading church cell groups, and welcoming new missionaries / friends to Taiwan.

When you think of us, we’d appreciate you praying for us in the following ways:

  • For perseaverance in our final stretch of language school
  • For good health and energy, espcially as it is very easy to feel drained due to the heat
  • For deepening of old relationships and beginnings of new ones, especially through our Bilingual ALPHA Course – pray that God would be glorified in them all!

Below are a few pictures from beautiful Jiu Fen, where Erich spent a recent weekend on a men’s retreat – enjoy!

Jiu Fen Seaside Jiu Fen Temple Great friends and co-workers John (left), and Kalan (right) Jiu Fen Market - can you spot Calvin? Jiu Fen Old City Steps Taiwanese Cemetery

4 Replies to “Summer is Here”

  1. Man, I am SO MISSING you TWO! Hey, Your birthdays are right around the corner! Thanks for sharing these great photos and prayers requests. So happy that the summer will let you have a little more relaxed schedule. Give those sweet Taiwanese babies in the orphange a hug from the Honey Brook Boyers. What are your plans for your SIXTH anniversary?!

  2. Hi Tante Heid! Thanks for your comment 🙂 Will give the babies lots of hugs – one day you’ll have to come visit and hug them yourself! We miss you all too and wish we could be there for Omi’s 80th birthday party. Maybe we can Skype in when you’re all the Napowan together?? Love to you!

  3. Hey Dawn! Great to hear from you 😀 Jiu3 Fen4 is on Taiwan’s northeastern coast. Converted from an old mining town to a bustling tourist destination, people come from all over (including busloads of Japanese tourists) to try various local specialties (not least of which are sticky taro balls in soup), and enjoy the shops lining the narrow old street. Near both the mountains and sea, it’s a popular hiking destination, and the night view is spectacular too!
    Love, E&K 

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