Schindler Update 2018_04_16

Dear Friends, 

Greetings from Taiwan!
The past few months have probably been our busiest stretch since moving to Taiwan 10 years ago. Since the Aroma Dongyuan Gospel Cafe opened on Jan 12, we’ve been going almost non-stop, welcoming new customers, making espressos, practicing our latte art, managing finances, hosting events, etc. Running our own shop has been a steep learning curve, but we’re proud to report that as of March, we are very close to financially breaking even. Just as important, we’re making many deep connections with our surrounding community – praise God! 

Prayer and Praise: 

  1. We learned that our 3-year old, Sam, got a guaranteed spot at the same local pre-school where Max attends. He’ll start half-days in September. 
  2. Erich’s brother, Lukas, visited us for 3 weeks recently. We had a great time together, and were especially grateful for Lukas’ willingness to help with babysitting 🙂 
  3. One of our Cafe employees lost his mom to sickness recently (his English name is “Stone”). Please pray for him and his family during this time of grief, and for us to be Christ to him. 

Many days it feels like we’re running a marathon, and we do appreciate your prayers for endurance and faithfulness as we seek the highest prize (1 Cor 9:24). 

For the Glory of God,
Erich, Kelley, Max, and Sam


Our Cafe signage.
 A scene from the Coffee Talk event we host in our shop every Friday night. This is a great bridge event to help our Taiwanese friends improve their English while introducing them to church friends. 
This Easter egg painting activity we hosted was well received.
On an outing with Lukas and one of our Cafe employees. 
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