Schindler Update 2017_10_18

Dear Friends, 

Greetings from Taiwan!
Thank you to everyone who to wrote us in response to our last update regarding securing a location for the Gospel Coffee Shop. We were blessed through your encouragement! It has been an intense past month of meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Here is a bit of what took place: We signed a 5-year contract for the coffee shop, worked our way through many legal issues as foreigners opening a coffee shop in Taiwan, interviewed two interior designers (and decided on one!), and have had countless meetings with our coffee shop manager.
All this, in addition to our normal ministries, taking care of kids, and daily life has left us physically exhausted at times. But, our hearts are full of joy and excitement as we are expectant to see how God is going to use this coffee shop to further His Kingdom in our neighborhood! 

Prayer and Praise

    • Team Unity. Any time a group of people needs to work together there are bound to be differing opinions, different ways of communicating, and even conflict. And, when your team is cross-cultural these things are even more likely to happen. Please pray with us for one heart and mind as we work together with our coffee shop team and for wisdom as we lead them. 
    • Church. Our Sunday services run bilingually (Chinese / English). Please pray for Kelley as she translates for the sermon this Sunday. 
    • Health. As we head into the cooler months, please pray for us to stay healthy. Nov-Feb have typically been tough for us as a family in regards to contracting respiratory infections, viruses, etc. Living in a packed city of 7 million people it is hard to avoid germs, so please pray for strong immune systems and protection over our health. 


  • Thank you for keeping in touch with us, for praying, and for supporting us so well! 

For the Glory of God,
Erich, Kelley, Max, and Sam



The current status of our coffee shop’s remodel – soon to look lots better 🙂
Max working on his preschool homework 🙂
Ready to brave the elements!

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