Schindler Update 2017_08_16

Dear Friends, 

Greetings from Taiwan! 
During the past month we did something we’ve never done in our 10 years of living in Taiwan – we drove a car around the entire island! Our trip took us down the beautiful Eastern Coast (where the winding mountain roads made our boys car sick!) and around Taiwan’s southern tip, from where we eventually headed back north along the urbanized West Coast. We had the use of another missionary family’s car this summer, so we jumped on the opportunity to see Taiwan in a way we never had before. Despite encountering two typhoons during our travels, we had a great time of soaking in Taiwan’s beautiful scenery!

Prayer and Praise

  • Mission Trip. The first stop on our road trip around the island was stopping in a city on the east coast called Hualien. There we, along with a group of 12 others from our church, helped run a children’s camp in partnership with a small local church. We helped teach English, led Bible stories, and played lots of games with the 60+ kids. We saw 15 children pray to receive Jesus as their Savior during that week – praise the Lord! 
  • Church. This past Sunday our church had a baptism at the beach. Two girls were baptized and another girl, who came to know the Lord through the Aroma Church, was commissioned as a missionary to another city in Taiwan! It was an exciting Sunday and a great time of fellowship as a church.
  • School. Max started local preschool last week! The school system is quite rigorous even for 4 year olds in Taiwan (most 4 year olds go M-F, 8am-4:30pm), but we are currently only putting him in half-days. His school is just a 5 minute walk from our apartment, and is located right in the middle of a bustling fruit and vegetable market! The first few days were a bit tough, but now Max is really enjoying it. As the only foreign family at the school, we have lots of opportunities to share with people why we are in Taiwan and what we do here. 

We are so thankful to each one who takes the time to read our updates and remember us in prayer! 

For the Glory of God,
Erich, Kelley, Max, and Sam



 A group photo with some of the younger kids attending our Hualien Bible camp. ​
Max during his first week of preschool. We’re pleased that he’s adjusting well & making friends!​
A picture taken after a hot pot dinner with Joyce, a short-term missionary who lived with us for a month. It was a joy to host her!

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