Schindler Update 2017_05_15

Dear Friends, 

Greetings from Taiwan!
Summer is definitely around the corner as regular temperatures have already hit the high 80-90℉s. We’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather, especially by taking family bike rides. We live about a 5-minute ride from the riverside, and have been enjoying riding along the waterfront and taking in the Taipei city scenery. The past month has been busy with ministry, adoption progress, and working hard towards opening the Gospel Coffee House, set to begin operations this September!

Prayer and Praise

  • Adoption progress. We are currently working our way through lots and lots of paperwork, getting background- and health checks, meeting with social workers, etc. We feel very grateful that the Taiwanese adoption agency we are working with is very organized and extremely helpful. Please continue to keep us in prayer as we work our way to being able to adopt a Taiwanese child!
  • Church. Erich’s intensive discipleship group has had a great start and he’s enjoying building deeper relationships with these 3 local guys. Please pray for wisdom for him as he meets weekly with them. Erich preached a sermon on “Building community in the Church” a couple weeks ago, and received great feedback! Kelley continues serving the church through translation and kid’s ministry, both of which are challenging and rewarding.
  • Mom’s group. The mom’s group outreach Kelley co-leads every week had a Mother’s Day outreach last week, and about 12 moms came! It was a great time getting to ‘pamper’ them, and each mom was able to make a bookmark on which we pasted Bible verses about their identity in Christ. One of the moms, Jia Yan, works every Sunday in her food shop, so we are now picking up her little boy (2.5yrs) and taking him to church with us. He’s come with us twice so far and is really enjoying it. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to share Jesus with this little boy.

Here are some of the lyrics to a song we sang in church recently (translated into English): “He is freedom, He is healing right now; He is hope and joy, love and peace and life.” What a privilege to be able and serve Him in Taipei! 

For the Glory of God,
Erich, Kelley, Max, and Sam


A group photo of the moms who attended Kel’s Mother’s Day event. Several have recently made professions of faith! The top banner reads “Jesus loves you!”
A neighbor patiently teaching Max how to properly hold his chopsticks 🙂
Sam & Max enjoying a bubble tea drink on a hot day. See the differently colored tapioca bubbles in the cup? Each color is a different flavor 😀

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