Schindler Update 2012_06_18

June 18, 2012

Dear Faithful Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from Taipei! Last week Taiwan experienced a 6.5 earthquake and severe flooding, resulting in businesses and schools shutting down for a period of time. Thankfully, there was no reported damage or causalities from the earthquake, however lives were lost due to the flooding. As areas around the island are in recovery mode, let’s pray that God might use this disaster for His glory.


How can you being praying for us?

  • Please continue praying for our housemates, Niall, Hannah, and Edie (1 year old) Dunne. They returned to England on June 5th and are currently waiting for news from the Taiwan government regarding their visa/work situation. Please pray for good news, and that they may quickly be able to return!
  • Please pray for the girls at the shelter where Kelley serves. They are deeply hurting girls who need to know the hope and peace God offers. There are currently some difficult situations; please pray that Kelley would have insight and wisdom as she talks with the girls.


Let’s praise the Lord together!

  • Praise the Lord for recent contacts and relationships Erich has made with pastors from working class churches. These are helpful as we look into the future, exploring more opportunities for working class ministries.
  • Praise the Lord for prayer groups. We meet weekly with members from church to pray for the sick, both physically and spiritually, and additionally both have separate, weekly prayer partners. We are so thankful for these times to pray with fellow believers, and have also experienced together the power of prayer!

Our prayer is that each of you may experience a close walk with our Lord each day!

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler


P.S. – The first picture attached was taken of us as we participated in a “Walk for Families” event that our church took part in. The sign Erich is holding says “Prioritize Families”. The second picture is of Kelley and Taiwanese friends taken on a day outing.

Erich and Kelley Marching for Family Values

Kelley on an outing with Taiwanese friends



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