Outing to Taichung

Yesterday, we joined a group from our church, along with many of our 3E group members on a day outing to Taichung, a city 2 hours south of Taipei. All together we had 172 people, of which 70 were Seekers! The weather was beautiful and very hot, and it was the perfect day to enjoy being in the outdoors. Our first activity was bike riding, then we enjoyed lunch at a traditional Taiwanese style restaurant, and lastly we spent a couple hours in the afternoon touring the grounds of a castle. The day provided good opportunities to talk and get to know our group members on a deeper level, and have fun with many people we don’t often get to spend time with. The 2 hour trip home gave us a chance to sing songs, watch a Christian themed video, and even share the Gospel. We are praying that the seeds that were planted yesterday will keep growing! Here is a picture gallery with some glimpses of our day.

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