Our Taiwanese Son

We are in the midst of a very busy week, but wanted to post something for our readers 🙂 We were looking at some recent pictures and found this one. For those of you who don’t know, 6 months ago we became God-parents when this little one came into the world. His English name is Joel, and his parents have been dear friends of ours since we first moved to Taiwan 3 years ago. Being asked to be God-parents here does not carry the same responsibilities as it does in other countries. Here in Taiwan it is seen as being spiritual parents for the child. So, we felt quite honored to be asked. He only lives 10 minutes away from us, so we frequently visit him and pray for him. We have a running joke with the parents that they only asked us because we would be free English teachers for their son 🙂 They insist this is not the case…. Anyways, see below for a cute picture of our boy. This was taken last week right after Kelley fed him mashed pumpkin. 


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  1. What a cutie-patootie!! 

    Can’t wait to meet this little guy some day 🙂 What wonderful spirit-parents he has…haha, that does NOT sound right, but you catch my drift 🙂

    LOVE YOU – you are in my prayers so much!


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