Our Taipei House Church Strategy

Dear Friends,

We thought it might be helpful to outline the simple strategy we are using to make disciples among our many unchurched friends in Taipei. This graph makes clear how our house church works:

Taipei House Church Newcomer Flow


We have 3 regular gatherings each week. They are:

1. Regular weekend events. Every weekend, our house church family gets together to have fun, and meet each other’s friends. We visit new restaurants or night markets, cook together, go bowling, hang out at the park, etc… This creates a comfortable space for us to get to know new people, and introduce them to our group in a non-threatening way. Once new friends have joined us for several weekend events, it is really easy to invite them to our house church gathering.

2. Thursday night house church. Right now we have one house church group (soon to multiply!), that meets every Thursday night. We share dinner together every week, spend time digging into the Scriptures, and pray for each other. Since there is a mix of Christians and not-yet-Christians attending, we work hard at creating an inclusive atmosphere. This means we avoid “Christian-ese” or theological language, using plain English or Chinese instead. We show respect and listen to people with alternate views, always praying for the Holy Spirit to bring God’s love and truth into their lives.

3. Weekly Life Transformation Groups. Once a new friend is ready to become a true disciple of Jesus, we invite them to join our LTG groups, which meet at various times during the week, usually for 1 hour. These are groups of 2-3 women / men, who commit to meeting for regular peer-discipleship. The format is very simple, in that we only discuss 3 topics together:

  1. What is God speaking to you this week?
  2. What sins do we need to confess to each other?
  3. How are we sharing the Gospel with unsaved friends this week?

Read more about LTGs here.

We thought that sharing our basic house church strategy would be helpful to those blog readers who are currently involved in pioneering new forms of church, or others who have a heart to reach out to their non-Christian friends. If you would like to know more, or have questions, we invite you to leave a comment below. We promise to respond to every comment!

Erich and Kelley



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