New “pre-ALPHA Outing” picture gallery added!

Dear Friends,

Today our church zone* went on an all-day outing to a tea farm in Wu Lai, which is located only about 30 minutes south of Taipei city. This was a very important outing, since our goal was to invite our non-believing friends to join, in order for them to rub shoulders with Christians, and get a feeling for what our Bilingual 3E ALPHA course is like.

The Lord really exceeded our highest expectations as over 130 people ended up coming along, only about half of which were church people. As you can see from the picture gallery below, we all had a great time getting to know each other through games (prepared by our English co-workers), barbecuing together, and spending free time walking around the tea farm in conversation with our new friends.

Thanks so much to all of you who pray for our ministry on a regular basis – through events like today’s we can see clearly how the Lord is honoring all of our prayers. It’s great to be working together with all of you on the same team!

Erich and Kelley

* Our church zone is the smaller fellowship within our large Taiwanese church that is under the direct supervision of our Pastor Moses and his wife, Joyce. 

2 Replies to “New “pre-ALPHA Outing” picture gallery added!”

  1. Dear Erich and Kelley!

    Once again, thanks so much for posting those many, cool pictures! It gave me  an insight into what the day was like (lots of fun and good food!:-) and who was there. I’m so glad so many people showed up and that you got to play games and hang out! 

    I love you both lots and am thankful for your ministry in Taiwan.


  2. Dear kids,

    AMAZING that so many people came to the outing. Hey, I would have come especially for the games that profi-Kel led 🙂 and of course the tea soup! You both look so happy in the pics!!!! What a confirmation that you’re where you should be!  And how wonderful that His Spirit is so capable of reaching hearts and minds for His sake & through you’re gifts and personalities 🙂

    I agree with Lukas – you rock! (I know he not say it that way, but it true, k? We still friends when I write like this, k? Yes, I stop now…)

    XOXO Miffi

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