New: Easier Commenting


Dear Friends,

We have updated this blog to allow users like you to leave comments easier and quicker. We have done this by removing the CAPTCHA Spam Protection* challenge that users used to have to fill out before submitting comments. 

Just thought this might be helpful for some of you busy people! 😀

Erich and Kelley

* For those technically inclined: A CAPTCHA challenge refers to a field beneath the comment box that tests whether the comment is being submitted by a human, or by a SPAM robot. There are a variety of CAPTCHA challenges, ranging from simple math problems, to riddles, to asking the user to re-type a skewed sequence of numbers and letters. We have replaced the CAPTCHA challenge on our site by a free web service called Mollom, which automatically filters comments for SPAM content in the background, without having to bother legitimate users with CAPTCHA challenges.

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