New Crossing 7 Taiwan Missionaries have arrived!

Dear Friends,

Remember us mentioning a while ago that we had started a recruitment website to call new missionaries to join our ministry here in Taiwan? Well we’re proud to announce that our first official 2 missionaries arrived in country just a few days ago. Their names are Robert and Lacey, and they are planning to live in Taiwan and serve with us at Truth Church for the next 3-5 years! Robert recently graduated from Columbia International University in SC, and Lacey is a Toccoa Falls graduate. During the past few days we helped them find an apartment, begin the process of getting cell phones, and start finding their way around Taipei. They are even learning some simple Chinese characters already!

Tomorrow being Sunday, Pastor Moses is taking them along to a daughter church plant of Truth Church, where he is preaching. The reason for Robert and Lacey going along is that they will be teaching an English Bible Club in this small church plant for 5 weeks during the summer. Going with Pastor Moses will give them a good chance to see the church and meet the co-workers that will help them teach the English Club.

We also have another couple living at our house right now, whose names are Ben and Beth. They arrived the same day as Robert and Lacey, and are hoping to teach English while doing ministry here.

Please pray for these two couples to make a smooth transition into the Taiwanese culture, and for them to be open to new challenges as they seek to serve our Lord in Taiwan!

Thanks for your prayers, and for keeping in touch!!
Erich and Kelley

P.S.: To read more about Robert and Lacey, please visit our Crossing 7 Taiwan ministry blog at:


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