Missional Community Update

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to update you on the progress of our Missional Community (MC for short). Here are some quick figures:

MC started: February, 2013

Focus: our un-churched friends, which includes foreigners, and virtually all of the Taiwanese working class

Starter Team members: Erich & Kelley, Dillon & Caty (US couple), Joe & Momo (Joe is an American, married to Momo, a Taiwanese), Isaac (single Taiwanese guy), and Beatrice (single Taiwanese girl) – 8 total

Unchurched friends attending our gatherings: 3 Taiwanese, and 2 Western; 5 total

Gatherings: twice a week; we meet every Thursday night for church in various team members’ homes, and gather every weekend for different events, such as group dinners, karaoke, outings, etc…

preserved egg tofuMethod: Our MC tries to follow Jesus’ example of spending lots of time with our unreached friends, which is why we place such an emphasis on gathering weekly for ‘fun’ times. This allows us to meet each other’s non-Christian friends in a neutral setting (restaurants or homes). Once our new friends feel comfortable with the group, it’s easy to invite them to our Thursday night cell group time. This gathering is also in homes, and always involves dinner. We try hard to lead this time in a way that even people with no Christian background can participate. We also try to avoid ‘insider’ language and spiritual vocabulary, instead expressing our walk with Christ in plain Chinese / English.

Vision: To infect our Taiwanese church (Taipei Truth Church) and other Taipei churches with the ‘missional virus’ and help them flip their existing cell groups into Missional Communities. Please pray that we succeed in releasing a network of MCs around Taipei city, and bring God’s love into every community!

For more information on our vision to reach out to our unchurched Taiwanese friends, please visit our Church Planting page – thanks!

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