The Joys of Night Markets

**written by Kel**
Taipei City is full of Night Markets. Some are big, some are bigger. They best way to describe a Night Market is to picture a ton of food vendors and clothing shops lining narrow streets and then throw in a horde of people. Some also provide games to play, which give it more of a carnival feel. They are the central hub of Taiwan’s night life and usually provide one with a good experience. However this past Saturday night I went with two friends to one of the biggest Night Markets in Taipei, Shi Lin Night Market. After throwing baseballs and darts, we decided we were hungry and quickly decided we wanted some Ji Pai (deep fried chicken) and Chua Bing (shaved ice with fruit and condensed milk on top). Great combo, right? Well, it all went down nicely but into the wee hours of Sunday morning we all (unbeknown to each other since we were all in our respective beds) had  the familiar “some-night-market-food-is-making-my-stomach-very-unhappy” feeling set in. First your stomach starts to gurgle. Then the pain starts shooting. Then you know you better hit the bathroom before it’s too late. Unfortunately, our choices of deep fried chicken and shaved iced turned out not to be so good and we all wound up with food poisoning, I with the most severe case. Not sure if it was the chicken or the milk poured over our ice was bad. Either way Sunday was rough and only after many trips to the bathroom, sleeping for 16 hours, and re-hydrating my body with fluid did I began to feel better. Oh, the joys of eating in a Night Market. Would I eat there again? Most definitely 🙂

Shi Lin Night Market

Mango Shaved Ice - yummy!!

Another typical Night Market scene in Taiwan

A huge piece of fried chicken!





4 Replies to “The Joys of Night Markets”

  1. Hey Erich and Kell!

    So sorry to hear you’re sick! That’s no good. I hope you’re well on your way to recovery now! One would think your stomachs would be hardened and used to anything those food-vendors could (metaphorically) throw at you! Well, may this make you stronger!

    Loved the pics, once again!

    Love you guys lots and hope you’re well by now!

  2. Hi Eri and Kel,

    So sorry about the bouchulism (sp). I’m sort of surprised that you haven’t had this happen sooner. Are these night markets inspected by the health department?! Was it Erich or Kelly that wrote the ‘Update’?

    Micah’s crying in the next room. Love to you both!

  3. Hi Tante Heid and Luki!

    Thanks for your comments. I am totally recovered from this episode….we have gotten sick before from the food and it has actually been a long time since this happened to one of us. No, I don’t think these markets are inspected by the Department of Health 🙂 haha. 

    Hope you both are well!

    Love you lots,


  4. Dear Kel, I join the ranks of people who are so sorry to hear of the food poisoning! You are a brave woman to brave the night markets again and again! I would go with you in a heartbeat – though would like to just get some green tea, K? 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better – XO!

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