How's the language coming, anyways?

As most of you know, most of our time these days is devoted to learning the Chinese language. We are enrolled in a local university located right in the center of Taipei, and it is rated as one of the best centers for learning the Mandarin language in all of Asia. Last week we began our fifth term, each term spanning a three month time period. Every term we have a new teacher and some new classmates. This term we were placed with two people who we have been classmates with before, one guy for six months already. So, it’s fun going to class everyday seeing people who have become familiar faces and friends. The school is quite the international place, enrolling students from over sixty countries. In our class of seven students four different countries are represented: Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and America.  Many of our classmates have no or a very limited English speaking ability, so the only way we can communicate with each other is in Chinese- which is great practice and fun!

So, as of now, we can read, speak, and write around 1200 Chinese characters. Each week we add approximately 40 new characters to our vocabulary. I think we would both agree that learning this language is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding challenges, we’ve ever encountered. We daily thank God for His help in learning this language and pray that He’ll continue to use our mumbled-jumbled Chinese for His glory!

Daily Homework

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  1. We’re SO PROUD of you, and I mean SO PROUD!!!

    Have you in our thoughts and our hearts and our prayers and our minds and our dreams 🙂 XO!

  2. You guys rock my face off!!! That looks like crazy hard homework – but it’s super artistic, too!!
    LOVE IT and love your dedication! Can’t wait to see you write it in real life aka when you’re in the US/Germany!!!

    You’re amazing!

    Love, Mocco

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