House church growth

Dear Friends,

We wanted to update you on the progress of our Taipei house church these past few months. If you’ve read our earlier post about how we are intentionally reaching out to our Taiwanese friends, you’ll know that we do this through different weekly gatherings.

As of right now, we have 2 house church groups meeting during the week, with about 15-20 regular attenders altogether. Our weekend family times can get bigger, with many non-Christian Taiwanese friends engaging with us over meals, bowling, night market visits, BBQ, walks, etc… By including our non-Christian friends in the life of the church this way, many of them gradually join our weekly house church times after.

We’re working hard at a pre-baptism discipleship framework, that anyone can use to prepare a new believer for baptism. After baptism, our discipling work continues with weekly meetings for prayer, accountability, sharing God’s word, and encouragement.

As always, thanks to all who pray for us regularly – it’s only through consistent prayer that we will see any spiritual fruit!

Below are some recent pictures that will give you a window into our house church life…

2014_07-house-church-life_9 2014_07-house-church-life_8 2014_07-house-church-life_7 2014_07-house-church-life_6 2014_07-house-church-life_5 2014_07-house-church-life_4 2014_07-house-church-life_3 2014_07-house-church-life_2 2014_07-house-church-life_12 2014_07-house-church-life_11 2014_07-house-church-life_10 2014_07-house-church-life_1

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