Eating out in Taipei

While taking a stroll through our favorite night market, called Shi Da night market, Kelley remarked that all the things that seemed really strange to us when we first moved to Taipei 3 years ago seems so normal to us now. Eating out is a case in point. A Taiwanese night market is basically a series of narrow streets jam-packed with food vendors selling all kinds of strange and delicious foods. Most days we walk past stands selling pig’s blood sticks dusted with peanut sauce, chicken behinds, sea cucumber, barbecued whole squids on a stick, and other delicacies… But since the alleys are so narrow, it’s hard to get all the ingredients to the food vendors by truck. So here’s how they are transported:
Motor bike transporting food
Here is a typical Taiwanese meal, consisting of fried tofu squares, some fried egg noodles, and soup with processed fish balls. It costs around 2 US dollars, and although it’s not the healthiest food, it’s really tasty!
Here’s a close up of the fried tofu. This is not the stinky kind, but if you come visit us, we’ll be sure to get stinky tofu together. Just tell us the date 🙂
Lunch close-up


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  1. Hey you two!

    I like the cultural input you have in your blog. It makes your stay in Taiwan seem more “real” I guess, as we don’t know what it’s like, and Taiwan is so different from Germany or the US. As I sit here and type, I’m eating some cold Denny’s pancakes, and I could sure go for some of that tofu!:-)

    I love you both and can’t wait to see you soon! It’s only a couple weeks, right?

    God bless,


  2. Hey Luki,

    Thanks for your comment 🙂 As soon as you come, we’ll get you some good tofu!

    See you in a couple weeks- can’t wait!


    Kel, for Eri too

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