Back in Taiwan: Future Outlook

Dear Friends,

After a wonderful few weeks with Erich’s family we have finally returned to Taiwan today. Everything went well with the flights – thanks to those who were praying for us!

You will probably be wondering what the next year holds for us. Here are some details:


  • We’re very excited to announce that a new season of our 3E ALPHA Ministry begins this March! The time has changed to Friday evenings, and we have lots to do in preparation before we launch. During our home assignment several new English teachers joined Truth Church, so we will be working with some of them to set up the new course together.
    Please pray for good cooperation and planning. We are going to heavily promote the course, so please also begin praying for our new friends already, who don’t know the love of Christ yet!
  • The Chinese New Year is in mid-February so our next quarter of language classes will not begin until after the New Year celebrations. But, we have weeks of characters to learn and memorize that we missed classes for due to our home assignment, as well as a lot of writing review from our past 1 1/2 years of study (that’s about 2,000 Chinese characters!). So, lots of self-study time will be happening over the next few weeks.
    Please pray for motivation and perseverance in our studies. We are planning to switch to a more intensive program for the duration of our studies, so pray over the next few weeks we can get to a place where we feel ready and well prepared to begin classes again.
  • We’ll continue to host and co-lead a small group for native English speakers that attend Truth Church. During the months we were away 4 new friends arrived, and we are awaiting 5-6 more people coming in the summer. So, getting to know them, caring for their spiritual needs, connecting them to the Taiwanese Church, etc. will all be things we’ll be doing this year.
    Please pray for good relationships to form among the group and for wisdom in leading the group, especially as we are growing in numbers.
Many thanks and blessings for your faithful prayers and support on behalf of the Lord’s work here in Taipei!


Erich with his best friend, Jonas

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  1. Hey Sibs!! Awww, what great pics you have posted on your page!! How cool is that! 

    SO GLAD you made it home safely – and you hit the ground running, I see! Will pray for you and your transition back and all the prep and work you have to do for church and class! Am so proud of you! Love you soooo much – thanks for the WONDERFUL time together! 

    Hugs, Momo

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