Back Home and Very Thankful

After many long hours in airplanes and airports we arrived safely at our apartment in Taipei on Saturday. After leaving the States on Monday the 28th, we spent 3 days in Germany with Erich’s parents and then returned to Taiwan from there. We are so thankful for the time we were able to have over the last few months with family, friends, supporters, and churches. We felt loved, cared for, and appreciated by so many of you! We returned to Taiwan refreshed and excited for what God is going to do.

Since we moved to this apartment a little over a year ago, one of our desires has been to reach out to our neighbours and get to know the people living around us. We have gotten to know the boss of a tea shop across the street, a family that owns a small breakfast shop, and another family that owns a noodle shop. But, one neighbour that we had not been able to connect with was the lady who owns a small hair cutting place just 30 seconds down the street. I (Kelley) had felt burdened to get to know her ever since moving here. I would often pass her shop and smile, but she never had any reaction. Twice before leaving for the States I went to her shop to get a hair wash (a common practice for women in Taiwan), but both times she wasn’t in her shop. I continued to pray that God would give me an opportunity to meet her. Well, not 2 days after being back in Taiwan did God answer that prayer. I was out walking with Max and we passed her shop. Upon seeing us (namely a caucasian baby!) she immediately came out of her shop to see Max. I started to talk with her and she surprisingly said, “You have good Chinese!” So, it seems that all along she was just assuming that due to language barriers we couldn’t be friends, hence never giving me any response when I smiled. Since then we have had two more encounters on the street, and each time my heart is happy and thankful to God that, through Max, I finally have gotten to meet my neighbour! 🙂

We have only been back 5 days and already Max is helping us connect with more and more people in our neighborhood. Just another reason we are so thankful for our sweet baby boy!

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  1. Hello Kelley and Erich,
    I’m so happy to hear about Max and this wonderful blessing from the Lord. Tim, my husband and I are in the process of application with this mission organization called Frontiers Mission Fellowship, also known as U.S. Center for World Mission. It is a faith based mission.

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