ALPHA Week 7

Dear Friends,

We wanted to share some pictures from last Friday’s ALPHA course. The topic for the night was “How Does God Guide Us?“. We enjoyed an excellent dinner, which is specially cooked for our ALPHA by our church’s cooking staff in the basement cafeteria. Eating together is such a great way to get to know our new friends in ALPHA better. After dinner our British co-worker Hannah led us in a version of Catch-Phrase (see pictures below). This lets everyone move around after dinner and have fun together, using English! Following the game, we enjoyed watching a short English skit, put on by our co-workers Julianne (UK), and John (US). The skit was about searching for God’s guidance in making a major life decision. Then our good friend Joanna gave the ALPHA talk for the evening, in which she shared about her personal experience with God’s guidance, and how the Bible teaches us to discern God’s will in different situations. The last 45 minutes were spent in our small groups, discussing how the ALPHA Talk applied to our lives. From the feedback at the co-worker meeting afterwards we heard many exciting things about how our new friends are opening up to the Gospel!

Thanks for your continued prayers for our ALPHA Ministry! A big prayer request right now is that many of our new friends would be willing to continue meeting together with their ALPHA groups once the season ends in just 3 weeks. Our goal is to have each ALPHA discussion group continue meeting as a regular church small group, in which our new friends can be discipled in a deeper way.

Erich and Kelley


ALPHA Week 7 Big Group ALPHA Week 7 Kelley's Group Playing our ALPHA Game ALPHA Week 7 Kel having fun with her group ALPHA Week 7 Trying to guess the English word ALPHA Week 7 New friends of all ages playing together ALPHA Week 7 Skit time ALPHA Week 7 Joanna giving the ALPHA Talk, with Joyce translating into Chinese ALPHA Week 7 Rhys' Discussion Group ALPHA Week 7 Julianne's Girls' Group ALPHA Week 7 Animated discussion going on in another guys' group ALPHA Week 7 All throughout our meeting the ALPHA Admin co-workers are interceding for us

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