ALPHA Week 10 Game and Song HD Video

Dear Friends,

We wanted to share some impressions from ALPHA Week 10 with everyone. The first video shows part of a lively game that the ALPHA groups played. The game started with all 10 groups, after which groups that responded too slowly were eliminated. So you’re seeing the final competition between the best groups. Notice our foreigners John, Caty, Kalan, and Joe participating, although they might have no idea what’s going on 😀

Both videos are in High Definition quality, so you might need to let them load for a little while before playing, depending on your internet speed. But then you can play them on “full screen” mode!

This video shows a song that one of the ALPHA groups was leading. About half of the girls on stage are not yet Christians, and it’s neat to see them involved in this way!

Thanks for continuing to pray as the regular ALPHA season ends. From what we can tell, most groups will continue meeting as regular church cell groups even after the season is over!

Erich and Kelley

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