About Us

Hello from Taipei! We are Erich and Kelley Schindler, long-term missionaries to Taiwan.

The Schindler family from left to right: Kelley, Sam, Max, Erich

Our background

grew up as a missionary kid in Germany, where his family planted 6 German-speaking Evangelical Free churches from 1985 to 2002 in various major German cities. After graduating from German high school, he enrolled at  Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina (formerly known as Columbia Bible College), the same school that his parents, Diet and Jan, had attended in their youth.

Kelley grew up in a Christian home in Hershey, PA – the reason she’s so sweet 🙂 From an early age she attended Mt. Calvary Church in Elizabethtown, PA, with her family.  From an early age, Kelley had a desire to live overseas and help those in need. She is passionate about helping others and desires that through living a life that reflects Jesus, give others a chance to experience His love. 

Erich and Kelley met during their studies at CIU, where we discovered our shared passions and life goals. After getting married they moved to Taiwan, where they spent a year teaching and interning at a large Taiwanese church. Through that year, a deep love for the country of Taiwan and its people developed. They learned of numerous opportunities and avenues to serve the Taiwanese people and in 2008 made the decision to dedicate their lives to serving in Taiwan.

Since 2008, we spent 2 years in full-time language study for Mandarin Chinese. During this time, we co-led various bilingual outreaches through our Taiwanese church, were involved in a host of various mercy-based ministries, and served as teachers and volunteers for non-profit organizations targeted at helping the less fortunate.

In 2016 a dream began to open a cafe in Taipei’s poorest district, with the specific goal of bringing blessing and love to the local community. The desire was to have a cafe where people felt accepted, could get good American style food, and have the chance to experience the love of Jesus. In January 2018, through partnering with The Aroma Cafe, Erich and Kelley were able to open The Aroma Cafe Dongyuan, where they are currently living out their dream and having daily opportunities to interact with and serve their neighbors and local community. 

The Schindlers are missionaries with Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators

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