A glimpse into Max’s world- a blond-haired, blue-eyed little boy growing up in Asia

We thought you might enjoy a fun post on what life is like for Max growing up as a missionary kid in Taiwan….

To say Max is quite popular in our neighborhood would be an understatement. For many of our neighbors and people we pass daily on the streets, he is their first glimpse of a ‘white’ child (outside of movies). While pushing him in his stroller we have been repeatedly asked if he is real or a doll. We’ve been asked on numerous occasions if his eyes are the real thing or if he’s wearing contacts, as many have never seen blue eyes before. We have been stopped at intersections for people to come and ‘touch’ his skin or hair, and almost daily have shop owners leave their stores as we pass by in order to get a first-hand look at our ‘doll’, as they call him. We see people trying to ‘secretly’ take his picture on buses, on the streets, at restaurants, and in the park.

While shopping last week for groceries, I heard someone yelling, “Ya Yi!” ,”Ya Yi” (Max’s Chinese name). I didn’t recognize the man, but he said he knew Max from the local breakfast shop. Haha. While we often find it all very humorous, we are also extremely grateful. Because of him, we have opportunities to talk with people that otherwise would probably have no interest in us. We get to invite people over to our apartment so they can play with him. We get invited into street shops and to sit at food vendors while they give him a snack. He is our best little missionary 🙂

Our prayer is that because of standing out in these ways, while people may first be drawn to our family, they will ultimately be drawn to Jesus.

Below are some pictures of Max’s life lately:


Taipei’s pumpkin patch. A bit different than in the USA. The pumpkins were all plastic and flown in from Hong Kong.


The hair salon next door to our apartment recently adopted this dog. Max loves him!


Eating a snack given to him by a lady who lives in our apartment building.


Yes, he fell asleep while riding the scooter coming home the other day. This kid can sleep anywhere!


Max’s fan club!


Max’s favorite seat these days, haha!


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  1. Hey Sibbies!! What a cute idea! So great! He is getting so big!! Yes, we’ll keep praying people come to know Jesus thru the fam! Love you tons!

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