3E's back and better than ever!

Next Saturday, the 19th, is the kick-off for another 11 week season of our 3E English outreach ministry. Since the last season ended in June, we’ve been working hard along with our Pastor and other co-workers to re-structure our outreach so that it can best serve its purpose: sharing the Good News of Jesus with those who don’t yet believe.  If you’ve been tracking with our blog, you’ll know that throughout the last 3 months, while 3E Classroom was taking a break for the summer, we both were serving as co-workers in our church’s Chinese Alpha course. Throughout these months we saw first hand how the “Alpha” model is a very strategic way to introduce the Taiwanese people to Jesus. In case you are wondering exactly what Alpha is, here is what Alpha stands for: 

A: Anyone Interested (Alpha is open to any non-Christian, regardless of their religious background)

L: Learning and Laughter (Each week’s topic deals with a basic Christian topic, e.g. Week 1: Who is Jesus? So, there is a lot of learning going on!)

P: Pasta and Pudding (We don’t eat this every week, but we do have a whole team of co-workers whose only job is to prepare food for us!)

H: Helping One Another (Every attendee is placed into a small group and over the season the goal is that the group members help and care for each other)

A: Ask Anything (The attendees are encouraged to ask anything they want- in Alpha there are no wrong questions!)

So, for this next season we are combining elements of both our previous 3E Classroom ministry and the Chinese Alpha course to make a 3E Bilingual Alpha! We are excited and expecting God to do great things! 

This weekend was spent with our co-workers on a retreat where we fellowshipped together, prepared our hearts and minds for another season of ministry, and prayed for those who will attend. Pray with us that the Lord will use the new Bilingual Alpha to reach many for His Kingdom!

Bilingual Alpha Retreat_girl co-workers

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