3E Classroom last Saturday

Our last 3E Classroom was a great experience. Since we have been getting to know our group members more closely during the past six weeks, we are now able to move into deeper topics. The topic of our meeting was “Dealing with Family Conflict”. Our group members were able to open up and share very honestly about their families.
We discussed the story of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15. Specifically, we examined what Jesus taught about the character of our heavenly Father. The concept of a God who loves all people to the point of sacrificing himself for us is an entirely foreign concept for many Taiwanese people.

PRAY that we would have opportinities to gow deeper in our friendships with Taiwanese seekers at 3E, and that we would have openness in sharing the Gospel.

Kelley and 3E friends Erich and 3E friends

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  1. Hey Erich and Kelley!
    I heard a couple days ago that you passed your language tests and wanted to say “Congrats!!!”. I hope that you keep on enjoying studying Mandarin as the lessons progress. What is your next section on; is there a specific thing you’re learning?
    I miss you two, and I pray for you!
    Love, Lukas

    P.S. I commented here, cause I saw no other place to write something at.

  2. Thanks for your comment. We really do enjoy our Chinese studies. However, in the beginning of December we will get a new Chinese teacher. Our current teacher is really great, so we would rather stay with her, but the school changes all classes and teachers each quarter. So we’re hoping that our new teacher is just as good.

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