Schindler Update 2015_09_15

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from Taipei! This past month we received a huge answer to prayer, when Kelley finally received her permanent Taiwan residency visa! This is an important step as it legally gives us many of the rights of a Taiwanese citizen, and grants us the security that we can never be deported from Taiwan. Erich’s is still in process, but Lord-willing, will be finalized soon. Thanks to all who prayed that these visas would be granted!


Prayer and Praise

  • Church. On Sunday, September 6th, we held a public church service in our neighborhood at a local student center. We had 7 first-time, local, non-Christians attend, as well as some others who returned for the second time. Our church service included dinner, worship singing, hearing a testimony, Bible sharing, and prayer. Tonight our co-workers, Dillon and Caty (American couple) begin an 8-week introductory Bible study, for which several of these new friends have signed up. Please pray for open hearts to receive Jesus!


  • Neighborhood crisis counseling. There is currently a situation of domestic violence happening in a home right near our apartment. Erich has been asked by another local pastor to ‘take over’ the situation. He has met once with the family (local, non-Christian Taiwanese) and tonight will be trying for the second time to make contact with their 24-year old son, the one who is causing many problems. Please pray for wisdom, protection, and receptivity. 


  • A new language. Our Taiwanese language tutor classes are going well. It’s a whole different challenge from learning Mandarin, as it’s only an oral language, not written. We are providing our neighbors with lots of laughs as we practice on them ☺

Thank you for praying, supporting, and loving us so well!

For the Glory of God,
Erich, Kelley, Max, and Sam Schindler


House church public worship service

A window into our last public church service. Our good friend Momo (front right) is sharing a powerful testimony of how Jesus saved her from a life of fear. 

Sam the explorer
Our 9-month old little explorer 🙂


Max at the park
 Max loves the outdoors, and animals of all kinds!


Taipei rainbow
This beautiful rainbow that recently appeared over Taipei reminds us that revival will come to Taiwan!


Cup of coffee on a wooden table; Shutterstock ID 116966062; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone
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