Schindler Update 2014_09_15

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from Taipei! Although we are in mid-September the temps are still in the 90s.  We’re having a very hot summer, most likely due to the fact that we haven’t had any typhoons. So, we thank the Lord for the lack of strong storms, but are definitely looking forward to it cooling down a bit (being 6+ months pregnant might add to the anticipation of cooler weather 😉 We have been seeing the Lord answer prayers on behalf of friends and neighbors, personal needs, and He is clearly working in the lives of those around us – praise Him!


Prayer and Praise:

  • Maggie (English name; local Taiwanese woman): We have recently asked you to join us in prayer for Maggie, and want to share an update. She did go through with the abortion and then spent time at home recovering. However, two weeks ago she, along with her son, came to our home for a house church gathering. She responded very well after. May the Lord continue to work in her heart!
  • House Church Update: Our Sunday evening house church group is growing, and we are seeing more local Taiwanese friends attend! We have begun using the “Bible Storytelling” method as a way to share the Gospel, since many local people have a hard time reading the Bible (or any book, for that matter). So far we have received very positive feedback, and are looking forward to how God will continue using this approach.
  • Wan Hua Christian Service Center: Thanks to everyone who prayed for the planned Truth Church community center. In the end, this plan was put on hold for 6 months, while we build a stronger team. But here’s some related news that we need prayer for:
    Wan Hua (萬華 in Mandarin) is the name of our local area (click here to open a map). Ever since our house church network started, our team has been praying about opportunities for our house church groups to serve in our local neighborhood. We recently got in touch with a Christian-run center that serves underprivileged local teens through a variety of free classes (music, English, sports, etc…). These students’ parents are all strong Buddhists, and will not allow their children to attend any local church. However, they are open to any activities our house church group might hold inside the Christian center, including simple church services!
    Our house church leadership team is visiting the center together this coming Saturday to discuss possibilities for joint outreach. Please pray for wisdom!

As always, thank you for praying, supporting, and loving us so well!

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler


Dinner at a local night market with house church co-workers and friends.

At a recent house church outing in northern Taipei.



Our Summer in Review

Here it is early in September – hard to believe June, July, and August have past and summer is coming to a close! We have had a full, fun, busy summer. We did some traveling, we did some celebrating, we gathered often with house church members for services and events, we barbecued Taiwan style, we met weekly with other believers to pray and to explore new ways to reach out to our local community, and as a close to the summer we took a two day trip to the Eastern part of Taiwan, with our good friends (also serving with Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators), where we swam in the ocean, fed little pigs, and had a blast. We also managed to eat a fair share of ice cream and shaved iced to help fight off the Taiwan heat (most days were upper 90’s and low 100’s with high humidity).Here are some pictures highlighting our summer days~enjoy!

Kelley's birthday get together
 2014_07_05 BBQ 7
 2014_07_05 BBQ 40
Visiting with friends