Ministry Goals for 2014

Here are some of the goals we have set for 2014. Please join us in prayer for their fruition!

Our ministry goals for next year

  • Putting down deep relational roots in our local neighborhood. This will involve an “Open House” two evenings a week, where we invite non-Christian Taiwanese friends over for a meal.
  • Introduce a solid discipleship training method to disciple new Taiwanese working class believers. This method needs to be simple enough to be easily reproducible.
  • Expand to 5 missional communities around Taipei city, each of which is geared to reproduce.
  • Attain basic fluency in the Taiwanese language (the everyday language of working class people in Taiwan, distinct from Mandarin Chinese).
  • Maintain close ties with Taipei Truth Church, and use our influence there to empower regular cell groups to become missional communities.
  • Continue ongoing self-care through:
    • A healthy lifestyle centered around regular exercise (2-3 times / week)
    • Healthy eating habits
    • Getting 8 hours of solid sleep each night
    • Lifelong learning through Seminary lectures and books. See the Lifelong Learning section on our Missionary Values page for more information

Specific prayer requests for 2014

  • For wisdom in balancing family time and ministry.
  • For cultural sensitivity in communicating with our Taiwanese pastoral leadership.
  • To be godly examples for Max as he grows up.
  • For the Lord to open doors for adoption (from Taiwan or China).
  • For our missional communities to give birth to a church-planting network that reproduces into every cultural layer of Taipei city, faithfully making disciples of Jesus.

Schindler Update 2013_09_16

September 16, 2013 

Dear Faithful Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from Wheaton, IL! We have spent the last 4 weeks traveling between Wheaton, IL and Milwaukee, WI visiting family, friends, and churches. We have attended 2 family weddings, consumed lots of delicious food we can’t get in Taiwan, enjoyed meeting with new friends, and have been greatly encouraged by the prayers and kindness of believers here.


How can you being praying for us?

  • Tomorrow we start our drive back to PA, arriving in Elizabethtown on Thursday. Please pray for protection and a smooth trip.
  • We have been in contact with several new churches and are praying for opportunities to share with them about Taiwan as we are hoping to raise our prayer and financial support (we are currently under-supported approx. $600/month).
  • Our Missional Community (house church plant) in Taipei continues to send encouraging news of their meetings. Please pray that our team can effectively make disciples that reproduce.


Let’s praise the Lord together!

  • During the past few weeks we have been reconnecting with our friends at Westbrook church in WI. We feel so blessed by the hospitality of this church, and are excited about where the Lord will lead them in the future.
  • During October, we are looking forward to participating in the annual missions conference of Lake View Bible church in PA, helping equip everyday missionaries in their congregation.

Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” (John 20:21) 

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler


P.S.: Below are three pictures taken during the last month. The first two are of four generations on both sides of Erich’s family. The third was taken at Westbrook Church in Wisconsin yesterday.

Four generations of Schindlers

Four generations_Yoder side

Westbrook info table



Sharing at Westbrook Church

During the past three weeks we had the privilege of spending some time at Westbrook church, located in the lake country west of Milwaukee, WI. It was great reconnecting with their pastor Scott Grabendike, other staff members, the Global Missions team, as well as old and new friends from the congregation.

This morning we had the chance to share a ministry update of our work in Taiwan with the congregation during the morning church service. It was an honor to have this opportunity, and we so appreciate the interest and care we are receiving from our friends at Westbrook.

Here is a short video called “Two Minutes in Taiwan” we showed during the worship service, that gives a quick overview of the social and religious climate in the country we serve.

And here are some more pictures of our time together.