Ping Xi Lantern Festival

Pictures from the annual Ping Xi Lantern Festival

Hi everyone, here are a few pictures of our trip to Ping Xi’s annual Lantern Festival last night. This small town is located deep within the heart of Taiwan’s northern mountains, and it was quite a windy drive to get there! But as you can see from the pictures, it was well worth the trip 🙂

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Welcome to our new website

Hello everyone,

Thanks for dropping by 🙂 If you’ve visited our website before you’ll notice the new look. We are currently upgrading our website to a new blogging platform (WordPress), in hopes of making our content more interesting and engaging to our users. Some website features still have small issues, but we should have everything up and running soon.

Erich and Kelley

Schindler Update 2013_02_16

February 16, 2013 

Dear Faithful Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from Taipei and Happy Chinese New Year! We have been on break the last week as everyone has been celebrating and enjoying the Chinese New Year festivities. This is the biggest holiday in Taiwan and, for the best part of a week, everything from restaurants to businesses are shut down to allow people time with family. Last Saturday was the Chinese New Year’s Eve, and for that we spent the evening with our former landlady and dear friend, Pearl, and her mother. Delicious food, good company, and lots of fun!

How can you being praying for us?

  • God has given us a burden to engage in a non-traditional church plant, focusing on bringing the church into working class communities. We have made some significant steps forward during this past month, specifically in regards to forming a team. Please continue to pray for the right people to be joined together for this mission!
  • As we look ahead to baby coming and then our home assignment, there are many ministries/responsibilities that we’ll be phasing out of for a period of time. Please pray for the right people to step up and serve in our stead while we are gone.
  • Our home assignment is scheduled for July-October 2013. During this time we hope to reconnect with churches and individuals sharing what the Lord is doing in Taiwan, and as well to be refreshed through time together with family and friends. Travel expenses will be around $6,000, including both the baby and us. If you feel led to give a one-time gift towards this cause, we’d be very thankful! Our website details information on how to give.


Let’s praise the Lord together!

  • During the last month, Erich finished a discipleship course with two Taiwanese men. Pray for Sheng-Zhong and Jason to keep growing in the Lord and begin discipling others themselves.
  • Little boy Schindler is healthy and all is going well with the pregnancy-thank the Lord! 

Thank you for your continued prayers, interest, and support on our behalf!

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler


* We have attached two pictures to this email. The first one was taken on the Chinese New Year’s Eve at Pearl’s home. The second was at a dinner this week for the Internationals at Truth Church. *


Chinese New Year's Eve at Pearls


Internationals Dinner_resized 

Thankfulness #31-#40

It’s been a long time since we’ve written a blog post listing out things we are thankful for recently. We started making lists awhile back, and had good intentions to make it a regular blog practice, but somewhere in the busyness of life we seemed to have forgotten about it. But, today we are back at it!


#31. Our apartment. We moved, again, last October and are now living in a much more local neighborhood. We live on the 3rd floor of a 12 story apartment buiiding and our apartment is a loft style (meaning our bed is upstairs and everything else is downstairs). It’s basically just one room, with a small bathroom attached, but it’s been a blessing and great fit for us!

#32. Great co-workers. We are involved in different ministries, both directly related to our church and also with a local NGO, and at both places have been blessed with co-workers who love the Lord and desire to see the Kingdom of God come to Taiwan. It’s a wonderful thing to have people who are not only co-workers in ministry, but dear friends as well.

#33. Breakfast Stands. At least once or twice a week we try and frequent little breakfast shops near our apartment. The people that run these shops are typical Taiwanese blue-collar people, and their shops are usually full of people starting off their day with a traditional Taiwanese breakfast of dan-bing (an egg tortilla filled with various goodies) and a bowl of soy milk. We have 3 of these little stands within a 2 minute walk of our apartment.

#34. The Friendliness of the Taiwanese People. No matter where we go one fact remains- we stick out like a sore thumb. But, we are thankful that unlike in some countries where forgeiners aren’t always welcome, the Taiwanese love foreigners and are eager to help us in any way they can.

#35. Our local tailor. Just a minute away from our apartment is a little lady who can repair or mend just about anything. She’s helped us by mending pants that had ripped, curtains that were too long, and other clothes that needed hemmed. And all for $3. She’s wonderful.

#36. A borrowed motorcycle. For the past 5 months Erich’s been given a friend’s motorcycle to use indefinitely. Let’s just say he loves the convenience of having a bike he can jump on and take off to wherever he’s going rather than having to wait for the bus (our waits have gotten significantly longer now that we moved farther out of the city center).

#37. Our Kindle. The selection of English books available is quite limited in Taiwan. So, we are very thankful for our Kindle, with which our reading options are limitless!

#38. Skype. Being separted from family and friends by thousands of miles is hard. But, we are very gratfeful for tools like Skype, which allow us to ‘join in’ for family birthday celebrations and get to ‘see’ loved ones who are so far away.

#39. Quality and Affordable Healthcare. Being pregnant, doctor visits, different tests, etc. have become quite routine lately. But, we are thankful, not only a wonderful, Christian doctor, but also for the fact that each visit only costs us $4.

#40. Our healthy, active, growing baby boy! We are almost at the 30 week mark and are daily thankful for God’s protection over this little one and for the way he is growing and preparing to make his grand entrance into this world!