Schindler Update 2013_01_15

 January 15, 2013

Dear Faithful Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from Taipei and Happy New Year! We trust you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with family and friends, and that you have entered 2013 with great expectations for what the Lord will do this year! Our last month included Christmas celebrations at local women’s shelters, caroling in a local park, a baptism of a small group member, leading two new believers in a discipleship course, and a trip to the Eastern part of Taiwan to help serve at a conference in a daughter church plant of Truth. We thank the Lord for the strength and grace He extends to us daily, and are anxious to see the great things He has in store in 2013!

How can you being praying for us?

  • God has given us a burden to engage in a non-traditional church plant, focusing on bringing the church into working class communities. Pray for God’s guidance as we pray and plan with our Pastor and other leaders.
  • Our home assignment is scheduled for July-October 2013. During this time we hope to reconnect with churches and individuals sharing what the Lord is doing in Taiwan, and as well to be refreshed through time together with family and friends. Travel expenses will be around $6,000, including both the baby and us. If you feel led to give a one-time gift towards this cause, we’d be very thankful! Our website details information on how to give.

Let’s praise the Lord together!

  • Little boy Schindler is healthy and all is going well with the pregnancy-thank the Lord!

A challenge for us all in 2013: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself.”

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler


* We have attached two pictures to this email. The first one is of Kelley and 2 girls from her small group. The one on the right was baptized on December 23rd. The second picture is a beautiful shot of our city *

Kelley with two small group sisters. The one on right was baptized in December


A beautiful day in our city



A Name for 2013

Every year our church encourages its members to give a name to their year. The name should be something, through prayer, you’ve determined God has given you. In a way, like a New Year Resolution. So, around this time every year it’s quite common to have lots of people asking what name you’ve chosen. Last year the name God gave me was, “The Year of Expansion”. I felt very strongly Him telling me that 2012 would be a year of expanding my horizons in many different ways. I felt Him say He would be leading me into new ministries (which He did through the Garden of Hope) and that He would be expanding our family (which, again, He did!). Erich’s name for 2012 was, “The Year of Breakthrough in Prayer”. And, looking back over 2012 God very clearly did just that! Not only did He deepen a love in Erich’s heart for prayer on an individual level, but He also brought several unexpected prayer partners into Erich’s life that he weekly prays with.

So, as 2013 approached, we both began asking God what name we should give to the year. Erich received an answer first with God saying that 2013 would be “The Year of Mission Outreach”, specifically in terms of doing more local outreach in our community and among working class people. I, on the other hand, prayed for a couple weeks without really hearing God say much of all. Then all of a sudden, as clear as day, I heard 3 words, “Day by Day”. Immediately I knew what these words meant and that this was to be the name I claimed in 2013. I was convicted throughout 2012 that I too easily worry about the future and worry about things that haven’t even happened. I spend too much time thinking about all of the “what if’s?” and in turn too often miss out on what God is wanting to do in and through me right now. So, with naming 2013 “The Day-by-Day Year”, my goal and desire is to live each day fully to the extent God has intended me to, and not worry or be anxious about what will come later.

We entered 2013 with much joy in our hearts at what God is doing in Taiwan and in our personal lives. This year will be an adventure for sure as we welcome our son into the world, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!